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Experience talks

Since 1964, GDT (Gourmet Drinks & Tobacco) has been offering a wide selection of beverages and tobacco provisions for superyachts to an international clientele. Thanks to the size and variety of stock and their very own bonded warehouse, GDT claims a unique space in the yacht provisioning market. GDT strives to satisfy the needs of their most demanding customers and is ready to tackle any provisioning challenge big or small.

Whether you’re looking for premium drinks and tobacco products, bespoke yacht provisioning services, or exclusive luxury items, our team of experts is dedicated to meeting your every need.

Thanks to its customs declarant label, GDT frees itself from forwarding agents and the usual 48-hour processing time. You can therefore benefit from a selection of products (including tobacco) at very low prices, as well as ordering and delivering at an unparalleled speed.

A large range of duty-free drinks & tobacco

Gourmet Drinks & Tobacco, formerly EGP France, has been offering the following services for over 50 years:

  • Running a bonded warehouse for its international clients
  • Provisioning of yachts, villas and chalets.
  • Monitoring logistics and distribution for the biggest wine and champagne house.
  • Our vast array of items includes only the finest champagnes renowned for their quality, heritage, and distinct character.
  • Our impressive wine collection features an exceptional range of French and foreign wines, carefully curated for quality, diversity, and authenticity.
  • Our diverse selection of premium spirits, including rare whiskies, exclusive cognacs, and brandies, is sourced from the finest producers and offers unique and exclusive options that are sure to elevate your drinking experience.


Need help with food supply?

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