We specialise in providing the finest champagnes, wines, spirits, beers, soft drinks, coffees, and teas. Our team of experienced professionals have carefully curated an exclusive collection of luxury products from around the world, ensuring that every item in our inventory meets the highest standards of quality and taste.

Whether you’re looking for a rare vintage wine or a signature cocktail, our catalogue of goods is designed to meet your every need. Browse through our product categories to discover the epitome of luxury yacht provisioning.


We stock the most exquisite champagnes currently on the market. From a standard bottle to a magnum of champagne, we have something for everyone.


From natural wines to rare vintages, we can source the finest wines for your yacht provisioning inventory. We have all bases covered.


From gin to whiskey, vodka to tequila, we have the most iconic spirits at our disposal to provision your superyacht.


Malty, hoppy or full of freshness, our bottled beer range is bound to please any discerning beer aficionado.

Soft drinks

Our range of sparkling and still soft drinks are brilliantly curated for those wanting to seek a non-alcoholic option for their refreshment.

Coffees & Teas

Coffee to start your day right; instant, whole beans or ground to suit all preferences. Our organic tea covers all bases from traditional breakfast to the more niche fruit or herbal teas.


Cigars, cigarillos or cigarettes, we stock the best quality tobacco products for superyacht provisioning.

Also looking for food?

Get in touch with our sister company: Gourmet Deliveries.